More than one and a half million Vokèra boilers and heating products have brought warmth and comfort to customers across the UK & Ireland. Vokèra is an industry leader in quality home heating solutions, offering a comprehensive product range for domestic home heating and light commercial applications. Vokèra’s heating products include; high efficiency condensing combi boilers, system boilers, open vent boilers plus water heaters and unvented cylinders alongside a vast commercial range. Renewable energy products also complement the range of boilers and unvented cylinders and include solar thermal and heat pumps When you choose a Vokèra gas boiler for your heating system, your investing in an extremely reliable and high quality appliance that will make any home an even better place to be.


  • 5 year parts and labour guarantee and 5 year free maintenance
  • 99% reliability rate
  • Over 99% customer satisfaction percentage
  • Vokèra has a customer care team on the end of the phone if you need any advice or help once the boiler is fitted


Please see below for our most popular Vokèra boilers.

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Vokèra Compact A

Vokèra Compact A

The Compact A is Vokèra’s entry level condensing combi boiler which is simple and easy to operate. The Compact A can fit neatly within most standard kitchen cupboards.


  • ErP Class A
  • Kitchen cupboard fit
  • 2 year parts and labour warranty
  • Combi boiler for instantaneous heating and hot water
  • Simple to operate
  • No need for storage cylinders or tanks


Vokèra Vision

Vokèra Vision

The Vision is a feature rich Vokèra condensing combi boiler. This boiler has extremely compact dimensions and can fit neatly within most standard kitchen cupboards. It comes with a built-in 7 day digital clock, enabling you to have complete control over your heating and hot water timings.


  • ErP Class A
  • Built in 7 day digital clock
  • Covered by a 5 or 7 year parts and labour warranty
  • Lightweight and kitchen cupboard fit
  • Extremely compact dimensions measuring 715mm (h) x 405 (w) x 248 (d)
  • Optional pipe cover for a neat finish
  • Flexible and versatile flueing, with rear flue option


Benefits of a New Boiler

Lower Fuel Bills

Increase the Energy Efficiency of your home without adding to your fuel costs. High-efficiency boilers are up to 50% more efficient depending on the age of your boiler. No maintenance cost as our boilers come with 10yrs parts & labour warranties. This can save a household hundreds of pounds per year *

Lower Maintenance Costs

As the equipment ages it become less reliable. The older the boiler, the higher the maintenance costs are.

Peace of Mind

Take a look at your boiler’s maintenance history. If you find that you have been needing repairs on your boiler year after year, it might be time to consider replacing your boiler. This will reduce the amount of time you spend worrying if your equipment is going to go out on you and will also be cost effective.

Space Savings

Replacement is an opportunity to get your equipment off the floor and out of the way to free up space. What’s more, if you choose a condensing combi boiler you will have instant hot water, so there is no need for that hot water cylinder or airing cupboard which can be taken out.

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