Boiler FAQ

What type of boiler do I need?

It is most likely that a combi boiler would be the best option for you… no more storing hot water that you might not use, unlimited hot water on demand and excellent savings on your gas bill…

What are combi boilers?

A combi boiler provides central heating and hot water. It heats water instantaneously when a hot tap or shower is turned on.

Are combi boilers economical to run?

Yes, because they only produce hot water when it is needed. Wide modulation ranges ensure smooth operation, fewer ignitions, greater reliability and lower fuel bills.

Do combi boilers provide good water pressure?

The water is fed from the mains so the water pressure is generally good. However, depending on heat output, the flow can be limited if other taps are running at the same time. If you have more than one bathroom, a system boiler might be a better option

Heat Pump FAQ

Are there any grants available?

The previous grant scheme (Low Carbon Building Program) was recently replaced with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). It may still be possible to find a local grant scheme in your area available from your local council.

Will I be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)?

The RHI will pay 7.3p/kWh for every kWh that the air source heat pump is predicted to output, this applies to all MCS approved installations which is what all Solarking installations are as such all our customer eligible for the RHI incentive.

How much will I save on my fuel bills?

Studies have shown that switching from oil or LPG could save more than 75% and switching from mains gas will save approximately 50% of your heating costs. The official figure for fuel bill inflation has been set by Ernst & Young at 12.9%, which will increase the savings in future years.

Can a heat pump work with radiators and under floor heating?

Yes; heat pumps achieve high flow temperatures (in excess of 55 degree); which will allow them to be used with both radiators and under floor heating.

Do I need to increase the size of my radiators?

No usually; most installed radiators are oversized, this means that the retrofit of a heat pump into an existing property doesn’t usually need any modifications to be made to the existing radiators.

My existing boiler has a much larger power capacity than what you have advised for a heat pump, will it do the job?

Usually, conventional boilers have been significantly oversized as extra boiler capacity costs very little. The important element to be truly cost effective it is that a heat pump is sized properly. We will calculate the actual heat input required for your home rather than base the size of the heat pump on your current boiler capacity.

Do air source heat pumps work in winter?

Yes, our air source heat pumps will give high outputs down to -20 degrees external temperature.

Does the heat pump need a back up?

It is not necessary to have back up system as the systems we supply will have a rated output for external temperature down to -20 degrees.

How often will the system need to be serviced?

Our air source heat pumps need an annual inspection up to 3 years in age to maintain the 3 year warranty.

Does a heat pump need planning permission?

Air source heat pumps permitted development will not need planning permission and a home owner that is not in a conservation area or a listed building will be able to proceed without permission.

Can the heat pump heat our hot water cylinder?

Yes, our heat pumps can achieve flow temperature in excess of 55 degrees. Domestic hot water at your taps should to be at approximately 40 degrees.

How long will an installation take?

Air source heat pump installations may take 2-4 days.

How big is the heat pump?

Our heat pumps have indoor units that primarily contain the water cylinder so occupy similar space to a fridge freezer.

Can an air source heat pump be fitted indoors?

No; air source heat pumps need a good flow of fresh air and need to be fitted outside.

Does your price include the required electric works?

Yes, all required electrical works in your property are included in our price. As we only use MCS and NICEIC installation staff we are certified to do this.

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